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ArcSoft in Africa

Closing the Technology gap


ArcSoft has a been working overseas in third world countries for the past seven years. We have a keen interest in assisting under developed areas to embrace technology in ways that will lead to better lives and increased opportunity through technology.


ArcSoft’s current projects consist of designing methods to create a technology bridge between public servant employees, private industry and the Government of the country. This bridge will enable large quantities of information to flow from the employees' daily operations to a central server. The Government will utilize this bridge to distribute critical information to employees and constituents designed to improve the consistency and responsiveness of their operations.  These systems are designed to function in an on-line or off-line mode due to the inconsistency of the network connections that have been encountered.


Due to ArcSoft’s high technical training capabilities, training and on-going support is provided by ArcSoft in these countries to ensure the program is successful.  At this time, ArcSoft primarily focuses its international activities in sub Sahara Africa.