Information Technology & Business Consulting



Human Resource related mistakes can cost your organization significant financial damage.  Ignorance of the law will not be an excuse if these mistakes occur.  Is your organization in need of HR guidance or ad-hoc assistance but cannot justify a full HR department or an HR executive that can handle these difficult situations?  Why not contract with ArcSoft for an HR expert available to you when the need arises?  Your organization will gain the benefit of having HR experts at a fraction of cost. We can provide both Operational or Strategic HR support and guidance.  We will be there when you need us and not burden you when you don't.


Strategic HR consulting can ensure your organization has the proper infrastructure and processes in place to maximize your human resource management strategy and mitigate your HR risks. ArcSoft's approach to providing these services include analysis of the following items.

  • Change management

  • Recruitment

  • Job Evaluation

  • Performance management

  • Employee and labor relations

  • Compliances

  • Risk management


Operational HR consulting is when ArcSoft provides support when incidents occur.  We will  provide guidance and
comprehensive HR consulting services customized to meet your organization needs specific to the situation that is encountered.