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We at Arcsoft understand that our employees are the key to our success. We strive to provide an excellent working environment for our employees by incorporating strong organizational values and by following the best management practices.  ArcSoft takes pride in providing a work environment where senior level managers have an open-door policy enabling employees to get assistance, guidance, and mentoring at all times. This policy of interaction among all levels of management contributes to the exchange of innovative and creative ideas leading to successful business solutions and strategies.  We offer our dedicated employees a comprehensive benefit and compensation package. The following are some of the key benefits we offer our employees:


  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Complete health, dental, and vision packages
  • Employer-contributed 401K plan with matching
  • Immigration assistance


Additionally, we provide immigration assistance to international employees.  ArcSoft sponsors several events throughout the year providing greater camaraderie between the employees. We believe that mutual trust and understanding among employees promotes a healthy working environment.


ArcSoft supports all certification and continuing education for the advancement and growth of its employees. We also recognize and encourage, outstanding and innovative performances of our employees and reward them with honors and incentives to ensure rapid advancement in their careers.


To submit a resume for consideration, please attach your resume (MS Word format .doc or .rtf) and e-mail to: or, fax your resume to 866-295-9093.


Information Technology & Business Consulting


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