Risks and Solutions


The SCRUM methodology does not offer a universal answer to all the problems that are inherent to software development. Teams need to pay attention to the risks below, which, nevertheless, offer a systematic answer based on extrapolating the method :


  • Team size: team size is typically limited to 7 or 10 people and can become an impediment if it exceeds these recommendations. In the latter case, the organization of meetings becomes impossible and the very foundations of the method are affected. The solution is to set up a Scrum of Scrums. This consists in dividing the project into teams of appropriate sizes and adding an instance of a higher level which groups together the ScrumMasters of each Scrum.
  • Multiple requests: Requests may be transmitted through several channels on a project and can sometimes be difficult to manage due to their contradictory aspect. These contradictions can slow down the delivery validation process. In order to solve this problem, it is vital to use a single request management tool, which is a standard option with Pentalog projects.
  • Development quality: The more the number of teams increases, the more difficult it becomes to deal with quality. This rule is all the more true when the project is distributed among several centers. The main risks are related to code quality and the number of bugs identified during integration. This is why it is important to have a rigorous quality policy and a project quality plan which precisely defines the rules of the project. Frequent code audits and the implementation of indicators that measure the developers' performance allow to minimize this risk.

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